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Utility model rights

Basic principles: A utility model right is the smaller edition of a patent. It has advantages but also disadvantages compared to a patent. An important disadvantage is the shorter term of 10 years, beginning at the filing date.

It is required that the utility model, as with the patent, is new, innovative and commercially applicable. Nevertheless, the "inventory step" is somewhat shorter , so that you can obtain the utility model rights for inventions that are not innovative enough to be patented. A further advantage is that the prior art condition for a utility model is not the same for a patent applied for on the same day.

The Patent Office does not examine the utility model if an application is not new and inventive. The utility model is registered after examination of the formal conditions.

What we can do for you: We help you to prepare the documents for the application. You will find a list of the required information and a very simple example of a patent application here. Based on the information; we work out the description, the claims and if necessary, make the drawings. We send the completed document to the Patent Office, answer the office actions and provide that all is done to get your utility model registered immediately.

We assist you in defending your utility model rights and also if opposition is filed by a third party.