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Design rights

Basic principles: Design rights protect "Designs and models". In the case of the design of commercial objects such as clocks or drills, the design right should prevent the object's imitation.

Design rights must be new and have "individual character". "Individual character" means that the overall impression the design makes on the informed user differs from the overall impression made on such a user by any older design. The duration of a German design right is 25 years. As a rule, design rights are submitted to the Patent Office as a two-dimensional representation, a graphic reproduction of the object or sometimes as a three-dimensional model. After examination of the formal conditions the design right is registered at the Patent Office and published. The Patent Office does not carry out an examination if the design really is new and "distinctive".

What we can do for you: We help you to prepare the documents for the application. We take care of a clear illustration of your design. We send the completed documents to the Patent Office, answer the office actions and take care that all is done to make sure that your design is registered as soon as possible.

Furthermore we assist you in defending your design rights and also if opposition is filed by a third party.