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Due Diligence

An IP Due Diligence includes a comprehensive examinatinon of the legal position of an enterprise in relation to commercial law.

It is indispensable, especially for new, technology-based enterprises and other start-ups, to have a monopolistic position protected by patents in order to be able to acquire venture capital. Additionally, due diligence tests play an important role in the area of mergers and acquisitions.

As part of a due diligence test, all of an enterprise's commercial protections are analyzed. These include patents, patent applications, licenses, trademarks, designs, and other rights. Regarding patents, it must also be taken into consideration that owning a patent alone does not give the right to produce the patented product or to apply the patented process. For this reason it is necessary to check the freedom to operate in many cases.

Among other things, the following questions in regard to patents are answered: Does the enterprise in fact have the sole right to the patent? Is the patent legal? How much longer is the patent valid? Is the patent being opposed by a third party? What is the extent of the territory covered under the patent? Does the patent cover the enterprise's own product?

Similar questions are also posed for trademarks. An important aspect here are the so-called demarcation agreements, which can create a considerable limitation of an enterprise's entrepreneurial freedom. A further aspect is the examination of the rights reserved use of a trademark, since an unused or underused trademark can possibly be claimed to be unsuccessful.

Another consideration is the evaluation of IP rights. The realization of the value of rights can occur in different ways, for example the regulation of production costs by way of license analogy or by way of estimation.

What we can do for you: Carrying out IP due diligence tests is a part of our daily tasks. In addition, we research and draw up expert opinions which, dependent on the aim of the test, evaluate a part of or the complete IP position of an enterprise.

The starting point for an IP due diligence test is an analysis of possible problems and the creation of a time- and money-saving plan of action. Particularly, it will be decided which preparations your enterprise can afford in order to quickly and effectively complete the examination.